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Marketing Reach

Virtual Keyring offers a more powerful and compelling method of consistently delivering your message to your audience. Every time your client, customer, member or donor looks up their passwords, your brand and offer displays.

Most internet marketing is reactive. You hope your audience logs into social media, blogs or email , to see your message. Virtual Keyring is proactive, reaching your audience every time they look up a password. Visitors are compelled to go to your branded portal and cannot help seeing your name and offers. Because password management is integral to our daily interaction with technology, people are searching for our solution.

Instead of keeping passwords in spreadsheet or notebook, you can provide a secure, cloud based answer that is accessible from any internet connected device.

Reaching customers and prospects in today’s technology driven world requires continuous posts to social media, blogs and email. But we solve this problem by driving your audience to your website offers in ways that no other marketing system can.

Critical System Security

Every day, organizations like yours suffer data breaches. Hackers and criminals steal sensitive information, putting both the organization and its customers at risk.

Often the breach is caused by the most vulnerable element of your enterprise automation, and the one that is the most difficult to control: Your internal users.

Unfortunately, users share or carelessly manage their passwords. And often fail to log out of crucial applications, further exposing you and your customers. The money and resources spend on data security such as firewalls and anti- malware tools do little to solve this vulnerably.

Virtual Keyring reduces your risk by managing passwords and using advanced facial recognition to handle both login and log out of critical systems.

No other system delivers the security, biometric verification and protection of your sensitive, regulated applications and websites.

From healthcare to mortgage lending, banking to transportation. If your business requires password controlled system, protect yourself, your data and and your customers with Virtual Keyring.

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